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  • Oxygen Scavengers.
  • Alkalinity Builder.
  • Sludge Conditioners.
  • Multi-guard Filming Amine.
  • Antiscalant.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor.
  • Biocide.
  • BIO Dispersant.
Oxygen Scavenger:
scavenger in chemistry is a chemical substance added to a mixture in order to remove either inactivate impurities or unwanted reaction products by removing or absorbing one or more of the chemicals it interacts with, for example oxygen, to make sure that it will not do any unfavorable reactions.
Alkalinity Builder:
We offer alkalinity builders that are available in liquid form and offer the highest alkalinity adjustment per pound. It is suggested for boiler system that needs extra alkalinity to assure proper reactions occur in the boiler water.
Sludge conditioning:
Chemical conditioning (sludge conditioning) prepares the sludge for better and more economical treatment with vacuum filters or centrifuges. Many chemicals have been used such as sulfuric acid, alum, chlorinated copperas, ferrous sulfate, and ferric chloride with or without lime, and others.
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